Notes for Authors


  1. Insaniyat receives articles written in Arabic or French with a confirmation of receipt.
  • It accepts only unpublished articles.
  • The article reflects only the opinion of its author.
  • Articles should not exceed 30 000 characters (including spaces) in Word format (Times New Roman, size 12) and should be accompanied by an abstract of up to 1000 characters (including spaces) and 05 keywords. (consult/download style guide in French and Arabic)
  • Authors should attach to the proposed article an updated CV.
  1. Authors may propose other contributions in form of:
  • Review, research note, journal review and scientific news (7 000 characters, including spaces)
  • Position paper (18 000 characters, including spaces) related to the works of the author.
  1. References are to be mentioned at the bottom of the page as follows:


- Lacheraf, M. (1998), Des noms et des lieux, Alger, éd. Casbah, p. 20.

Journal article:

- Colonna, F. (2010), « Religion, politique et culture(s), quelle problématique de la Nation ? », in Insaniyat, nos 47-48, Oran, Centre de recherche en anthropologie sociale culturelle, janvier-juin, p. 28-29.

Chapter in a collective book:

- Salhi, B. (2006), « Contestations identitaires et politiques en Algérie (1945-1980). Le poids du local », in Hénia, A. (dir.), Être notable au Maghreb. Dynamiques des configurations notabiliaires, Paris, Maisonneuve et Larose, coll. Connaissance du Maghreb, p. 90.

Academic works:

- Adel, F. (1990), Formation du lien conjugal et nouveaux modèles familiaux en Algérie, thèse de doctorat d'État en sociologie, Université Paris V-René Descartes, p. 90.

  1. All figures (maps, graphs, photographs, tables, etc.) should be sent in JPG and Word format and have a caption consisting of the figure number, title and source.
  2. The certificate of acceptance shall not be delivered until the final approval of the proposed article publication.
  3. After the publication of the article, the author will receive two (02) hard copies of the issue, and an e-copy as well.
  4. Any reproduction of an article published in Insaniyat should be authorized by the Editorial Board.
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